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    Our story is your story
    “Fifty years ago, I started out with an idea and a dream. For me, it
    was never about fashion, it was about enduring style and building
    a life with the people you love. As I reflect on our 50 th anniversary,
    I’d like to thank you for sharing this journey with me, and for
    sharing your thoughts, stories, and well wishes with me here.”
    • I think Ralph Lauren is the best designer. I love the shop, the clothes, the ads. I think he's also the nicest guy and totally cool. He's just so American, and it's so well done.

      Marc Jacobs

    • Ralph is as American as

      Diane Von Furstenberg

    • Ralph not only raises the bar, he sets it for our entire industry.

      John Varvatos

    • He’s one of the people I respect most on this planet; it goes like, immediate family, and then Ralph Lauren.

      Ronnie Feig

    • Ralph set the standard in our industry, a true genius, a pioneer, a global icon.

      Tommy Hilfiger

    • No one understands his customer as truly as Ralph does. He creates designs that match his philosophy, and never loses his integrity.

      Donna Karan

    • I remember seeing Ralph around the neighborhood. He wore Army clothes, mixing them with tweeds, and would always look terrific. He had a style of his own.

      Calvin Klein

    • Ralph's brilliant. It just goes to show, if you stick with a concept and see it through, you can achieve tremendous things. How reassuring to see that taste does pay off.

      Bill Blass

    • I have a lot of esteem for him. He's achieved the American dream. He has no need to change because he has a coherent image for men's and women's fashion as well as his home furnishings.

      Emanuel Ungaro

    • Ralph chose a road and he has been consistent and coherent with that road since the beginning. The ability to do this is the hardest thing to achieve. Coherence is always the secret, I believe, behind a great company.

      Giorgio Armani

    • What he did for the USA outside of the USA is unbelievable.

      Giancarlo Giammetti

    • For me, he is the American designer because he made the American dream accessible to many people. It's the vision of exactly perfect America.

      Karl Lagerfeld

    • Ralph Lauren is my second personality. He saved my life because it's everything that I wanted to wear, but couldn't find.

      Christian Lacroix

    • When people buy his products, it gives them the feeling of having class and stature. They're buying a piece of his world.

      Martha Stewart

    • I used to wear Ralph Lauren to prep school when I was a kid. The clothes always had that clean look. That's the same kind of clean look I am trying to do... I aspire to be as great as he is.

      Damon Dash

    • He knows who he is and never veers away from that, which takes enormous discipline and vision.

      Vera Wang

    • Ralph is fantastic. Whatever he does, he does it with great taste. He does classic, but always with a twist that looks modern.

      Carolina Herrera

    • Ralph has always been so true to himself. If there were trends that seemed to be happening, he didn't care about them. He taught me to really believe in your own concept.

      Joseph Abboud

    • There is such glamour in wearing Ralph Lauren.

      Charlize Theron

    • My signature style is still Ralph Lauren.

      Diane Keaton

    • Including Hillary and myself, the majority of Americans probably own a great Polo sweater with the American flag on it.

      Bill Clinton

    • If you called central casting and said, 'Find me a great New Yorker,' they would send Ralph Lauren. Someone told me I should wear his Polo shirts on the golf course, and they said,"You'll look better, but your game won't."

      Michael Bloomberg

    • He incorporates the things you've loved for years.

      Candice Bergen

    • I learn something every day from that man. He's so enthusiastic about clothes and fashion, about everything he does, and that rubs off on me.

      David Lauren

    • I thank you, Ralph Lauren. I thank those who worked with you to create a great American company. I thank you for representing what is best about the country we love.

      Hillary Clinton

    • Oh my gosh — what's not to love? I first moved to New York City, the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue was the first one I went to, I used to wander around and wish I could afford the things that were there!

      Julianne Moore

    • In a lot of ways, he has defined American style for the United States and abroad.

      Joseph Altuzarra

    • Icon. No one will ever do what Ralph has done. What I respect the most is the pure and clear vision he had from the very beginning.

      Thom Browne

    • For me, Ralph Lauren is the iconic American designer. Because of his origins, the path he’s forged, and the success he’s had, he is the epitome of the American.

      Maria Grazia Chirui

    • Ralph Lauren IS American fashion!

      Norma Kamali

    • Ralph is the ultimate cinematic storyteller with an eye for timeless style and enduring elegance. He is a true American legend.

      Michael Kors

    • Ralph Lauren is an American master. My own work is about defining the American style, and I have tremendous admiration for Ralph, and a huge debt to his vision and talent.

      Derek Lam

    • He became an adjective in his own right. I admire the consistency and the vision. The cars, oh the cars. The appreciation for great design is right up my alley.

      Tomas Maier

    • Ralph has always been consistent, as a father, grandfather, husband, icon and friend. He isn’t trying to be anything that he is not and we believe every single thing he does because of that… I consider it a true blessing to have known him all my life.

      Stella McCartney

    • Ralph is hands down the most iconic American designer. No one even comes close.

      Jack McCollough &
      Lazaro Hernandez

    • Ralph’s brilliant clarity of message and his consistency created what the Ralph Lauren brand is today. I admire him so much for being able to create a business that means American globally.

      Narciso Rodriguez

    • I have to say, I think he's one of the kindest, most well-respected people in American fashion.

      Jason Wu

    • He's the inspiration for all of us. I think he personifies American fashion. From day one when I started doing shows, Ralph was the first one to send a congratulations to everyone who did a show.

      Anna Sui

    • His clothing isn’t just about an all-American woman, it’s about a strong woman and an intelligent woman.

      Katie Holmes

    • The attention to community, to bringing the customer in and creating a viable lifestyle, is being touted as the new way to build a successful business in fashion. But this concept is not at all new. It is a page pulled directly from a playbook written by Ralph Lauren.

      Leandra Medine

    • Ralph Lauren isn't the President of the United States. But he should be. Because he represents everything that is beautiful about the incredible country I grew up in.

      Wei Koh

    • Would you rather be a trend, or you rather be Ralph Lauren? You know what I mean; like, you rather be a trend, or you rather be forever?


    • I’ve always taken notes from preppy style and of course, Ralph Lauren, the godfather of American style.

      André 3000

    • To own a creation of Ralph Lauren's, whether it's his red patent-leather boots, his signature Polo shirt, or an ottoman from his furniture collection, is to savor a taste of the American dream.

      Oprah Winfrey

    • Iconic, American, amazing brand. Very classy, elegant, but still accessible.

      Jessica Alba

    • The way that he creates an environment, an experience, when you see an image, it doesn't even have to have his name on it and people know that it's a Ralph Lauren image.

      Alexander Wang

    • His vision, his commitment to excellence, his incredible style and grace, his elegance, and his profound philanthropic spirit speaks volumes for this great leader and man.

      André Leon Talley

    • I think Ralph is, no question, one of the most important American designers that we have.

      Anna Wintour

    • As a kid growing up in the Bronx, Ralph Lauren wanted to play basketball, but his style was better than his jump shot.

      Sean Combs

    • Ralph Lauren to me means…carefree, happy, casual.

      Naomi Campbell

    • He combines sexy and class in a very special way. He has that special touch, and his clothes are so elegant, and sexy, and comfortable at the same time.

      Prince William

    • He understands what America aspires to...it's nothing more than that.

      Hal Rubenstein

    • I don't know a lot about fashion clothes, but I know I like his stuff. He sure knows how to dress a girl.

      Renée Zellweger

    • I've been a fan of Ralph's since he made his first necktie. So, we go back a really long ways and he just gets better, and better, and better.

      Joel Schumacher

    • There's a Ralph Lauren world that you can move into lock, stock, and barrel. The fact that he's been able to translate that with such elegance is what has made him what he is today.

      Tyson Beckford

    • Ralph Lauren has really, truly personified what's possible in America. He's kind of created an American dream through his clothing and through...all of his designs for home and the whole lifestyle.

      Linda Fargo

    • People are excited to see what he does every season because it's classic, it's beautiful, people love to wear it.

      Erin Wasson

    • He pushed me to buy a car. I'm so in love with that car.

      Jerry Seinfeld

    • You're our American guy. On the Risk board, you know, it's worth five points. You're America.

      Kevin Costner

    • What's great about working with Ralph is that he's always really considerate of a woman's beauty. The woman kind of evolves but she's always the same woman.

      Guido Palau